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What is FitYogaTherapy™FAceshot

FitYogaTherapy was created by Chrys Kub, who is a  physical therapist and yoga therapist.  The FitYogaTherapy program  integrates asana, breathwork and meditation techniques into a practice to provide balance for those who are fit and wellness for those healing from chronic injuries and illness.  

Through this program we explore  the use of foam rollers for myofascial release,  the practice of  therapeutic and dynamic yoga asanas and how to use the support and implementation of straps, blocks and bolsters (Yapana Yoga Style) for new therapeutic openings.  We also utilize  in depth biomechanical assessments of static and dynamic movement to enhance the therapeutic benefits of yoga.  

Do you suffer from chronic musculoskeletal irritations?BadPostureAtDesk.jpg

FitYogaTherapy can help you!   Schedule a one on one yoga therapy session.  We will explore your musculoskeletal issues and work towards an at home practice for you to integrate into your life.  How often have you wished that you could consult with a physical therapist about a nagging injury?  Here is an opportunity to explore therapeutic yoga techniques with the knowledge of a physical therapist to assist you in your healing.  Off the shelf generic videos are usually ineffective as they cannot address your individual needs. If you are unable to see me in person,  if you have a computer, a video camera and skype abilities, we can come together to figure out a plan for you.   For more info on how to schedule a session visit my website for BalancedBody Yoga Therapy.

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