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Assessing and Treating Musculoskeletal Disorders through Therapeutic Yoga Techniques 

Myofascial Yoga: Creating Resonance and Release

Postural Assessment & Therapeutic Yoga Prescription

Therapeutic Yoga For The Back

Pediatric Courses:

Evidenced-Based Pediatric Yoga Tools for Children with Developmental Disorders, Autism Spectrum Disorder and Sensory Modulation Dysfunction 

Treatment of Pediatric Neuromotor Disorders: Techniques to Achieve Developmental Progression in Infants and Children with Cerebral Palsy, TBI, Down Syndrome, and other Neuromotor Disorders


Licensed, registered, or chartered health care provider - A person who has been trained in a healthcare profession and who is also licensed, registered, or chartered in her/his field and respective state, province, and/or country.

Yoga in Healthcare - The use of yoga in thalthcare by a licensed, registered, or hchartered healthcare professional, hereby known as "HCP".

Mission - To represent yoga in healthcare through formal organization and creation of a new professional body that will be officially named by democratic vote of the ESC (Executive Steering Committee).

Vision - To establish and mobilize and organization of licensed, registered or chartered medical professionals who use yoga in healthcare and wellness care.


  1. We will work together to promote, support, and secure the present and future use of yoga in our respective healthcare practices.
  2. We will establish financial and legal infrastructure to support this movement.
  3. We will establish working relationship(s) with existing Yoga Therapy organizations to best represent HCP's use of yoga in healthcare and wellness fields.
  4. We will invite discussion and partnership with existing Yoga Therapy organizations to protect and enrich the use of yoga in healthcare by HCP's and their assistants.
  5. We will support and facilitate the efforts of the licensed, regulated, chartered healthcare professional organizations in developing representation and differentiation.


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